Icarus is a watch start up born in Switzerland, the birthplace of luxury watchmaking. The mythical man’s creativity and dedication sets him free from captivity, only for him to fly too close to the sun, and plummet into the Mediterranean sea. The Greek legend characterises the essence of our brand, inspiring not only our name and image, but our message too – because for us, the sky is the limit.


Icarus is a quartz watch start birthed in Switzerland, the birthplace of luxury watchmaking. Our brand offers high-quality GMT and Diver wristwatches, developing our know-how with masters of the craft to produce exceptional timepieces for our customers. Icarus caters to watch lovers globally, and consequently, our products are sold and delivered worldwide.


Icarus watches are expertly crafted to the highest standard. We stand by the goods we produce and endeavour to satisfy each customer who shops with us. Icarus has a high-quality guarantee on all watches, and provides a 2-year warranty on each of our products. Join the Icarus journey to discover sleek and sophisticated styles as we continue to expand our offers.